Trials and Tribulations

I’ve done my share of internet dating, thats where I met the Mr. About a year ago I was convinced to go on a date to London with a guy I’d met on plentyoffish, he seemed nice, knew all the right things to say and offered to buy me dinner, who am I to turn … Continue reading


I like fridays, the boyshape is visiting tonight and we are planning a feast! He is bad for the diet. Once upon a time I didnt ever imagine my life panning out like this, once upon a time I just struggled through each day. Now, I dont mind getting out of bed (I’d still rather … Continue reading

The life and times…

Well, look at me blogging badly again. One day I might manage more than 3 a year 😉 I have a new job, its amazing, and I’m happy. Plus Mr W is taking me on holiday in September, wooooo! So tell me, how are you??

Missing you.

On boxing day last year we lost my Aunty Mo to a short but very intense battle with cancer. To say it was hard is far too much of an understatement, she had always been a part of our lives, my mums best friend, my 2nd mum, and not a day goes by that I … Continue reading